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Tips for Leaders

Leader Tips For a Successful and Educational Project


 * Plan a minimum of six meetings with a minimum of 10 hours of
    instruction for your projects.

 * Give members an opportunity to LEARN AND DO.

 * Share project goals at the beginning of the project year.

 * Encourage members to set personal goals in the project.

 * Enable members to demonstrate something they have learned
    in the project.

 * Provide opportunities for members to present talks,
    demonstrations (required), judge at events, tour, go on field trips.

 * Provide exposure to the community through consumer and career education.

 * Provide opportunities for leadership.

 * Provide opportunities for citizenship and community service.

 * Make or do something together as a group.

 * Encourage members to work at home between meetings.

 * Ensure that project records are kept up-to-date.

 * Use the 4-H curriculum and give materials to members to keep in a folder.