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A group with a purpose usually needs funds to carry out its program.  Fundraising should be limited to budgeted needs of the group and the 4-H Program Representative can be consulted to find out what other local clubs are doing and how the County 4-H Council raises money to meet their budget.  4-H fundraising policy forbids gambling, wagering, and raffles of any kind.

Money making projects are valuable opportunities for members to learn-by-doing.  4-H members need to work together as a team to raise money and they need to learn to earn.  They should be encouraged to raise funds for needed services such as attending camps or conferences rather than asking parents or businesses for funds.

Please fill out the form below and return to the 4H Youth Development Office.

Fundraising Approval Form

Fair Art/Craft Entry Form

Fair 2019


2020 Plumas Sierra Expo and Sale

FINAL 2020 Plumas-Sierra Expo RULES

FINAL 2020 Plumas-Sierra Expo RELEASE

FINAL 2020 Plumas-Sierra Expo ENTRY FORM




A 4-H Record Book is a written record of your experiences, achievements, and personal growth as a 4-H member.  The 4-H Record Book includes a Personal Development Report (PDR) followed by a Project Report form for each project that you belong to.  There is a special form for a Market Animal Project.

Primary Members (ages 5-8) only need to complete the Primary Member PDR, not the Annual Project Report forms.


Members do not need to complete a record book to complete their 4-H year however, up to date record books are required if members want to compete at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair.   Members must complete a Project Report Form for every project they participate in if they want to succsessfully complete their 4-H year.

Benefits of completing a 4-H Record Book:

  • Practice Records Management - Track your activities, events, profits and losses, skill development and learning experiences.

  • Reflect on your yearly work - Document your skill development and learning experiences in a written report.

  • Measure your achievements and growth throughout your years in 4-H.

  • Set goals, pursue strategies to meet those goals, and record how you may have had to shift gears in the face of challenges and obstacles. 

Click below to be taken to the state Record Book website where you can find all the forms you need to complete your record book!

4-H Record Book Forms

Questions on record Books? Contact Kari O'Reilly at koreilly@ucanr.edu or call 283-6173

If you are taking a Market Animal project- you can use the below form instead of the universal project report form .


4-H Project Report


Market Animal Form
Market Animal Form with Fields

Leslie Carman 4-H Supplies

Order Form

  2018 Fair Camping Application


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