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Passion for the Land


Passion for the Land Digital Recording
   These 12 personal stories (2 to 4 minutes each) explore the interconnections between our environment, agriculture, the people, and local communities. They were created by storytellers and the project team to promote awareness and to stimulate discussion about a variety of issues facing, not only the individuals and communities of Sierra Valley; but, people in diverse rural areas across America.  
Passion for the Land Digital Recording-Bill Loveridge

The storytellers in Sierra Valley got together to identify issues they cared about and wanted others to understand. They scripted and recorded their individual stories, gathered images and selected music. The Project Team then did the technical editing of the pieces to create this collection of short videos.  

Passion for the Land-Lacey

To view Passion for the Land Videos please click on one of the following links:

Art of Regional Change

Passion for the Land Forms

These messages are those of the storytellers. The University staff helped facilitate the process. The short videos are similar to digital letters to teh editor like you would see in a local newspaper.