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Scholarships and Loans

Clayton Floyd Neer Steer, Swine & Sheep Loan

A memorial fund was established in 2010 by the Neer family and Indian Valley 4-H in memory of Clayton Floyd, who died of a tragic accident in 2010.

A revolving Loan has been established in his memory.  This loan will be in the amount of $1,000 for Steer and $500 for Swine and $300 for Sheep and Goats.  This is available to any member enrolled in the Steer, Swine, Sheep, or Goat project. 
Due dates: 
3rd Monday in November for Steer
1st Monday in April for Swine & Sheep & Goat
Neer loan 18


Plumas Bank Livestock Loans

Plumas Bank offers loans to 4H and FFA youth, with parents as co-signers.
Contact your local Plumas Bank loan officer for details.

Matt Mc Collum Sheep & Swine Loans

A memorial fund was established in 1984 by Feather River 4-H Club, in memory of 4-Her, Matt McCollum, who drowned in Eagle Lake in 1983.
A revolving sheep and swine loan has been established in his memory.  This loan will be in the amount of $150 for sheep and $225 for swine, available to any 4-H member enrolled in the sheep or swine projects. 
swine loan application
sheep loan application

Cattleman's Scholarship

Are you or someone you know, a senior of a Plumas or Sierra County high school looking to earn some extra money towards education? If yes, then consider applying for the Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen’s Scholarship! Deadline to apply is April 16, 2018.

Click here to learn more and apply!

Mac McElduff/Plumas Bank Scholarship

$500 Scholarship for High School seniors planning to attend college or a trade school.  The applicant must be a current Plumas-Sierra 4H memberwith at least 3 years in the program.
Deadline is June 27th.