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The Plumas-Sierra County 4-H Youth Development Program provides opportunity for youth ages 5 through 19 to find their Spark, Grow their abilities and Thrive in their communities!

Already know you love 4-H? If you are a current member or have been enrolled in 4-H in the past 5 years, your information is already in ZSuite! Please utilize the Tip Sheet instructions to log into ZSuite and update your information for the new program year: ZSuite Enrollment Tip-sheet To join in this year's 4-H fun, click on the link to our new and improved enrollment system: ZSuite

The 4-H program year officially runs July through June but enrollment time in most clubs begins in September. The 4-H Program is open to youth ages 5 through 19. While enrollment in the 4-H program is open year-round, please note that in order to exhibit in the Plumas-Sierra County Fair, youth must enroll in 4-H and submit payment by November 30th.

Safety in all aspects  of 4-H is important. All members, families and volunteers must follow the 4-H policies and codes of conduct. All 4-H Leaders and 4-H members must sign a waiver of Liability form, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement form every year. All 4-H volunteers must be approved by the DOJ via Livescan and complete all required trainings.

ENROLLMENT: To join in the 4-H fun, click on the link to our new and improved enrollment system: ZSuite

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ZSuite does not currently accept payment. 

PAYMENT: The annual 2023-24 4-H youth member fee is $67.00, and the adult volunteer leader fee is $28.00. 

To pay your 4-H Enrollment Fees online (there is a $2.00 per member credit card charge) click Here

Or make checks payable to UC Regents and present it to your Community Club Leader or at the 4-H County Office. 

The Plumas-Sierra 4-H Youth Development Program is open to participants, regardless of their ability to pay. Program fees can be waived or reduced for eligible volunteers and youth. 4-H Fee Reduction Waiver form
Some clubs provide payment for their returning members - check with your community club for more information.

To learn more about the California State 4-H Organization and the National 4-H Organization, go to their websites: University of California 4-H Youth Program and National 4-H Program.

For more information please contact Sierra Washington at swashington@ucanr.edu