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About 4-H

About 4-H

The 4-H symbol represents the 4 "H"s - HEAD, HEART, HANDS and HEALTH. 4-H is a project-based, hands-on learning method of engagement designed to help our youth experience new things, challenge themselves in a supportive group and provide an encouraging environment in which to develop their interests and skills. You may see a 4-H'er and think they came into the program with all that confidence . . .  but it might be a result of "making the best better" - meaning that everyone is encouraged to do their best, learn through their experiences and their best naturally gets better!

4-H runs on service! 4-H clubs offer a community-centered group of youth and volunteers who focus their projects on the interests of their members. Projects available are a result of youth interest and adult volunteer willingness and therefore may vary by club. The great thing is, while the club is the hub of 4-H membership, other club's projects may be made available to members throughout Plumas and Sierra Counties when space allows! Clubs also provide a way to engage through community service - this varies from club to club too, depending on the needs of the community and the spirit of the club! 

4-H Clubs are run by members and supported by adult volunteers! Community Club Leaders provide opportunities for leadership development through their support to the club officers. Leadership can also be developed within projects with the Junior and Teen Leadership programs.

We believe in the power of youth voices! Beginning this year, our Bi-County Council will also be run through youth-adult leadership-partnership. The 4-H Bi-County Council plans, oversees and supports county wide events open to all members. This can include opportunities such as 4-H Summer Camp, Livestock 101, Record Book Competition, Small Animal Field Day, Presentation Day, Horse Mastership, 4-H Awareness Day and any other event that supports youth development.

4-H programming is designed to represent youth interest in our communities. While the agricultural aspect of our community continues to be strongly represented through 4-H, new programming is also developing to diversify 4-H project availability. These may include things like robotics, ceramics, fine arts, rocketry, coding, bicycle mechanics, dirt biking, healthy foods, first aid, forestry, wilderness exploration, the list goes on! All it takes is interested youth and a willing adult volunteer!

Project and club meetings may occur after school, in the evenings, or on weekends. Club meetings are monthly, usually 10 months of the year. Project meeting schedules are determined by volunteer leaders and may occur weekly, monthly or otherwise, depending on the project. Meetings are led by approved 4-H volunteers who share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the skill they are mentoring.

Think 4-H might work for your family? Go to the main 4-H page, find the 4-H club in your community and contact the club leader to find out about more. See the Enrollment page to enroll in a club.