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Presentation Day

What is a 4-H Presentation?
A presentation is a method used to communicate an idea by showing and/or telling. It can be a demonstration or a talk that uses posters and other visual aids. A 4-H Presentation helps you learn to: 

presentation Day

 Research a subject

 Organize ideas in a logical order

 Be a teacher and practice public speaking skills

 Why are public speaking skills important?
Public speaking skills are ranked number one among the skill sets of professionals. Other guiding factors for developing public speaking skills include:

Discovering an important component of leadership development

Increasing self-esteem, self confidence, and ability to accept feedback

Expanding skills for planning, preparation and performance

 Story telling is a traditional way of passing knowledge from group to group and youth enjoy participating in this activity. Young children begin by telling stories to friends, family, at school, and later as part of formal presentations. As you participate in projects, you collect information and ideas that can be shared with others. This sharing of information is part of the process of learning. Teaching project skills in a presentation takes advanced skills and a deeper understanding of what you have learned. Giving presentations helps develop many life skills including the ability to speak in front of a group, organizing ideas, and creating and using graphics to support the spoken word.

Speakers prepare for presentations by giving talks to project groups and community club meetings, practicing skills learned in a project, and observing other people giving presentations. You can get ideas for presentations from many different sources. The first place to start is with your project leaders. They know what you have learned in your project and what you might enjoy presenting. Your community club leader also can be a source of ideas. Your local librarian can help you develop your subject through research. Sources for presentation ideas are project manuals, books, magazines, and brochures from various organizations.

Presentations are not just demonstrations. You have many options ranging from traditional demonstrations to problem solving for senior members. All of the various presentation styles require similar skills, but are designed to meet the interests and age-appropriate levels of the member. No style of presentation is better than any other. Choose the style that best fits you for your first presentation and then try other styles as you advance in 4-H. Every member is encouraged to give a presentation each year. Show what you've learned; give a presentation.


4-H Presentation Competitions
 All 4-H members are encouraged to enter a presentation at theirCounty 4-H Presentation Day.  If the 4-H member earns a gold medal at their county event, they are then eligible to enter at their Sectional 4-H Presentation Day.  If the 4-H member earns a gold medal at their sectional event, they are eligible to enter the State 4-H Presentation Day.