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The Plumas-Sierra 4-H office is located at 208 Fairground Road in Quincy, California.

Our office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Contact us at koreilly@ucanr.edu

Check out the schedule for this year's livestock fair! 2021 Livestock Week schedule

What is 4-H?

Whether youth participate in clubs, after school programs, day camps, or other program settings, the 4-H Youth Development Program's mission and goals remain the same... to help youth develop their full potential!


 4-H Youth Development is a non-formal educational youth program, conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension.  The purpose of 4-H Youth Development is to help diverse young people discover and develop their potential and grow into competent, contributing, and caring citizens.  Learn by doing activities, youth-adult partnerships, and research-based educational programs help young people enhance their leadership abilities and develop a wide range of other life skills.  



WHY: leadership/citizenship development; life skills education; strengthening youth-families-communities; advancing the field of youth development


HOW: experiential education ("learn by doing"); bridging research and practice; building partnerships for programming and funding; cross-age learning and teaching; youth-adult partnerships.


WHERE: school enrichment programs; community clubs; special interest projects and programs; school-aged child care; camp experiences; independent study; distance learning. 

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Community Club Information


American Valley 4H Club
2nd Wednesday
Mineral Building, Fairgrounds
6:00 pm
Margie Day 530-283-1443

Chester & Lake Almanor

Chester/Lake Almanor 4H Club
1st Monday
email koreilly@ucanr.edu


Indian Valley 4H Club
3rd Monday
Gem and Mineral Building, Taylorsville
7:00 pm
Renee Cervantes 530-927-7699


Wolf Creek 4H Club
2nd Monday
Greenville American Legion Hall
6:30 pm
Rosanna Angel 530-394-5010

Sierraville & Calpine Area

Treasure Mountain 4H Club
1st Monday
CIA Building (Calpine Post Office)
Maggie DelBarba email at treasuremountain4h@gmail.com



Sierra Valley 4H Club
1st Tuesday
Vinton Grange
Donna Matlock 530-993-4683


Las Plumas 4H Club

First Monday

Email koreilly@ucanr.edu



 Echo 4-H Club

First Wednesday

Loyalton Elementary 6:30pm

April Burns- 916-580-4662