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Living on the Land-Stewardship for Small Acreages

Living on the Land


 Small -acreage landowners have a significant impact on the conditon of soil, water, plants and other natural resouces through their cumulative effects and inexperience.  This curriculum will help you guide your small -acreage audience in developing a sustainable management plan for their properties.

Below are the contents for the Living on the Land Curriculum.
Module 1: Setting the Stage: Inventorying Resoruces
              Lesson 1: What Do You Have and What Do You Want?
                             Turning Dreams Into Reality
Lesson 2: What Can You Do?
Module 2: Your Living Soil
              Lesson 1: Getting Down and DIrty with Soil
              Lesson 2: Managing Soil to Keep It Productive
              Lesson 3: Got Water? (Irrigation)
Module 3: All Life Depends on Water
             Lesson 1: Water Quality: Making the Connection Between You
                            and the Water.
             Lesson 2: Protecting Household Drinking Water
             Lesson 3: Maintaining Your Septic System 
             Lesson 4: My Place on a Stream
             Lesson 5: So You Think You Wand a Pond?
Module 4: Living with Wildlife
             Lesson 1: Understanding and Reducing the Wildfire Threat
             Lesson 2: When Fire Occurs
Module 5: Love Your Grass as Much as Your Animals
             Lesson 1: How Grass Grows
             Lesson 2: Managing Grazing for Sustainable Pastures
             Lesson 3: What to Do About Weeds
             Lesson 4: Starting Over: Pasture Establishment and Renovation

Module 6: Don't Forget the Animals
            Lesson 1: So You Want to Be an Owner
            Lesson 2: Caring for Your Animals
            Lesson 3: Managing Wildlife
Module 7: So You Want to Make a Buck?
            Lesson 1: Marketing and Economics for Small-acreage Properties
 Lesson 2: Production: It's All About Systems
            Lesson 3:  Can You Make It Work?

Module 8: Tying It Together:  The Whole-property Approach
            Lesson 1: Focusing on Stewardship for Long-term Sustainability

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